Importers of Fresh Fruits


Fruit import is one of the most significant areas of business of Sunchoice Import & Export Co., We import a variety of high quality fruits from various parts of the world.  We import Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Mandarins, Pomegranates and Pears etc.  Further, we import Stone Fruits such as Kiwi, Plums, Peaches, Nectrines and Cherries etc. We purchase from reputed Companies and ensure our customers receive only quality fresh fruits. 

We import renowned brands such as TOP QUAL / GRAPE HOUSE from Australia, Sunview / Trout from USA, Capespan from South Africa/ Eygpt, CIAO from Italy, Chand from India, Bilal and Al Rafique from Pakistan. We have our own modern state-of-the-art Cold Stores facility in close proximity to Colombo Harbourat 10 mins drive. Cold Store facilities are for fruits imported in order to keep them fresh..