Fruits Items


Sri Lanka has an amazing varieties of tropical fruits. The island is virtually a paradise of fruits differing in colour, taste, size and even fragrance.

Bananas are in different varieties and very tasty fruit in Sri Lanka. Pawpaw or papaya is a fruit of a lovely colour which can be eaten even for breakfast. It is good to drink as well, mashed into a puree. Juicy mangoes which are found in almost all areas of the country and custard apples from the upcountry are tasty fruits.

Rambutan, Mangosteen and Durian are available throughout the island seasonally. Wood apple is another tasty fruit, which could be enjoyed even more when made into a drink. Blended with coconut milk and made in the traditional way, wood-apple juice would be tasty drink.

Jackfruit is another favorite creamy fruit with a pleasant smell when ripen. We export any fruits from Sri Lanka. You can find variety of fruits we export from Sri Lanka somewhere else in this website.


Ash Banana Ripe                        Avocado                                      Banana-Ambul [sour banana)     Banana-Red

Banana Anamalu                        Banana Kolikuttu [pouwan]            Belli                                         Bet Mango

Coconut                                     Coconut Bunch                             DABO Ripe Mango                     Guava

Jambu                                       Katuanoda [sour sop]                   King Coconut [orange colour)      Mango-Green

Mango-Ripe [Karathakolomban]   Mango-Ripe [vilard]                      Mango-Tender Bunch                 Mangusteen

Water Melon                               Mel Mango                                  Mixed Mango                            Neelam Mango

Nelli [indiangoosbarry]                 Pandy Mango                              Papaya-Green                           Papaya-Ripe

Passion Fruit [yellow]                   Pineapple-Queen                         Pineapple-semi ripe                  Pineapple

Rambutan                                  Red Ripe Mango                          Rock Melon                               Rose Apple

Seeni Banana                             Selon Mango                               Star Fruits                                 Sweet Mango